Psalm 102: In the beginning, O LORD, you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands; they shall perish, but you will endure; they all shall wear out like a garment...But you are always the same, and your years will never end.

This time of year I often see signs at high schools reminding students, especially seniors, of the number of days until graduation. I remember clearly those  days of wanting time to pass quickly so that I could move on to the next thing.
We spend our human lives being so conscious of time that we fail to appreciate the eternal found within it. We have an abstract idea, as the psalmist did, that God endures when all else perishes. Our most generous concept of time is that it will go on endlessly.
But eternity is not measured in a number of days but in the measure of God found in each day. While the next experience or adventure may be exciting, we can lose this moment by anticipating too strongly the next one.
Experiencing the eternal requires being mindful of each moment, of extending the depth of every moment through loving kindness, forgiveness, and joy. Tomorrow may be great. Graduation may bring a dramatic change, but we can find God in this day, this moment. We all want to ask, “How many days until graduation?”
But to be touched by the eternal, we may want to ask instead, “How many times will I find God in this day?”
Jeremiah 31:27-34; Ephesians 5:1-20; Matthew 9:9-17
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